Looking for a Mold Inspector?

My recommended inspectors all possess these three important characteristics.



They know what to test for and how to acquire that data.



Your health and the health of your family are their top priority.



Their inspection creates a detailed roadmap for remediation.

Proper remediation begins with a clear picture of the problem. This image is only as accurate as the data collected. To ensure your home is remediated effectively the first time, you’ll need to provide the data necessary to do so. 

A qualified mold inspector sets the foundation for your journey to a mold-free environment by collecting that necessary data. They’ll create a detailed map of where the problem areas are, how bad the issue is, and any other contaminates available. Or at least, they should. 

It’s crucial to choose the right person for the job, but not all mold inspectors are created equally. That’s why these four mold inspectors are my top picks for you. They’ll be the first person in your corner, prioritizing your health and helping create better air quality in your home.

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